frequently asked questions

Does The Lionel Wendt Memorial Fund (LWMF) offer grants?

No. The LWMF is a charitable trust established in 1946 and incorporated in 1948. Other than during a short-lived period, when the Trust was originally established under the patronage of Harold Peiris, a close friend of Lionel Wendt, the Trust does not distribute grants.

Does the LWMF make its archives available to scholars for research?

Yes. The LWMF does have materials available for qualified candidates. A written proposal for review and approval by the Trust must be submitted. The proposal must include: name, address, CV, institution or professional affiliation, purpose of research and expected outcomes. Please note, approval will take up to one month by the Trust, upon submission and receipt of written proposal. Please send your proposal to with copy to

Can the general public view artworks by Lionel Wendt that the LWMF owns?

Not at present. The LWMF is in the process of establishing a permanent gallery dedicated to showing the LWMF's collection on a rotating basis.

How can I get permission to reproduce photographs by Lionel Wendt as illustrations in a book, article or paper that I'm writing?

The Trust holds copyright of all works of art by Lionel Wendt that belong to its collection. Anyone wishing to reproduce Lionel Wendt's work in an academic paper, collection of academic essays or an exhibition catalogue should submit a written request with all details and send it to with copy to Please note, the Trust aims to turn around permission requests within two weeks. Rights and Reproduction fees will be calculated in line with usage. 

Does the LWMF loan Lionel Wendt’s works to museums for exhibitions?

Presently the collection of work by Lionel Wendt owned by the Trust is not available for loan. 

Does the LWMT accept gifts of Lionel Wendt’s artworks, memorabilia and publications?

Yes. The Trust would be grateful to receive any works or related material about Lionel Wendt the Centre for the Arts and its activities and Harold Peiris. These material will be catalogued and included as part of our archive which is a resource dedicated to the scholarship, research and memory of Lionel Wendt.