The Harold Peiris Gallery was opened on 3rd December 2000 to celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of Lionel Wendt. The naming of the Gallery after Harold Peiris was a fitting tribute to the person who was responsible for setting up the Lionel Wendt Centre for the Arts in memory of his friend in accordance with the ideals that they shared. The area occupied by the former Art Centre Club was converted into a Gallery by Trustee/Architect Ashley de Vos. Unlike the ground floor gallery which was rectangular with cooling provided by fresh air and fans, this Gallery is located on the first floor and is air-conditioned.

Entering through a large glass door, walking through this gallery is rather like taking a curved pathway as the walls cut in and the spaces narrow and broaden with a surprise or two lurking round a corner. The Gallery can easily accommodate over hundred viewers with a small open air balcony offering visitors an opportunity of getting some fresh air.

The Harold Peiris Galley opened with an Exhibition of Photographs of Lionel Wendt and the launch of the LWMF publication A Centennial Tribute. Since then a countless number of exhibitions of photographs, paintings, sculpture, installations, design, textiles, pottery and other art works have been held at the Gallery.

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